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Why You Cannot Find Jewelry Factories in China-4 Reasons

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Why You Cannot Find Jewelry Factories in China-4 Reasons

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Lots of jewelry importers who are buying jewelry from China want to find real manufacturers or factory suppliers, not any trading companies or middleman, but this is not an easy task.

You can find many articles about “how to find jewelry manufacturers in china” “how to find jewelry factory in China” etc. through out jewelry blogs, Facebook/Linkedin pages, google searching and jewelry forums. However you only can find a little bit useful information about those topic. Unfortunately there is no topic about “why we cannot find jewelry factory in china”, because no one thinking about that. And only when you know the main reasons of failing, You will figure out the best way to get the jewelry factory if you know the main reason why.

I’m going to state my point about why Chinese Jewelry factories are difficult to find, and what kind of jewelry factories are more likely to be discovered from my years experience.

1. Jewelry Factories Lack of Sensitivity of Online Marketing

Most of jewelry factory ownners are elderly, and they are Lack of Sensitivity of Online Marketing. Even though their factories have published jewelry on B2B Platform such as as Alibaba, Global Sources, Made in China, and so on,  it doesn’t mean that they certainly will be searched by foreign jewelry importers. Moreover there are many jewelry trading companies on those Platform. That’s a question how can you verify Chinese jewelry suppliers are factories or not? Those real factories even don”t have own Enlish webiste in Google.

To Trading Companies, they are more skills to ba ranked in the first page of searching result in B2B Platform and they good at Digital Marketing on the whole network, including  social media, google rank and so on. They have their own great jewelry website to get more traffic from jewelry impoter in all around the world.

That’s why most small jewelry factories cannot be found by importers even they are publishing products on B2B Platform. They may make the importers feel like they are not reliable and professional so that ignore them because some small factories reply inquiries very slow. So there’s one tips for you: those jewelry suppliers who are replying you slow, or difficult to communicate with, maybe they are the factory.

2. There Are Many Small Jewelry Factories Operated by Family , Which Are Not Easy to Be Found

The small jewelry factories are operated by family seldom supply jewelry to foreign impoter directly because they don’t know foreign language and lack of confidence as they manufacture kinds of jewelry by small machine in small workshop. They always supply jewelry to domestic trading company with lowest price. There are many such small jewelry factories and manufacturers with years experienced handmade working in my city. They can produce quality jewelry and work hard overtime to increase production capacity.  You can get the best price with good quality if you can find these small company. For the big jewelry factories, they never worry about don’t have good client, and they always have the fixed client to service. So they don’t need to advertise their factories.

I think that’s the main reason for foreign buyer to difficult to find the real jewelry factories.

3. Jewelry Factory Keeps All Information in Secret Because of Confidentiality Agreement

jewelry custom design

jewelry custom design

They need to keep all information in secret which serve the fixed client because they sign the Confidentiality Agreement. They just can produce the fixed jewelry as the customer request. They don’t need to have designer just copy what client request. So you cannot find any information for such factories.

It’s usually quite difficult for imports to find real factories of this kind of jewelry factories as involving patent or copyright issues. These jewelry factories often work with domestic trading companies so that cannot export any jewelry to other countries. So most importers are purchasing from trading companies, rather than from real factories. They always claimed that he won’t take any other customers to visit the producing workshop as it need to be kept as secrecy.

4. Many Jewelry Factories Didn’t Publish Their Jewelry on English Website

1688 front page

1688 front page

To these jewelry factories which is operate by family and serve fixed client ordomestic trading companies, they don’t publish jewelry on English website.To these jewelry factories don’t know well English, they don’t have skill and personto build english website.

It’s very common in China that no one can speak English in a small-scale jewelry factory, and most staffs are doing work related to products and production, and dealing with domestic trading companies. Because they think that it’s expensive and not very easy to build an English sales team. So They usually pulish on Chines website and domestic Platfarm webiste call 1688.

But it’s very hard to foreign jewelry buyer to source suppliers directly on First you must speak Chinese as mother tongue or knows Chinese very well. Second you need to be quite familiar with all kinds of Chinese suppliers. Because trading company suppliers on are even more than factories, it’s more difficult to distinguish them than searching on


Most of jewelry importers want to purchase directly from factories pass trading companies and middle men, but not every jewelry importers can find it. In this case, you’d better find more suppliers (no matter middles or trading companies) and compare them to select most suitable one. Or you can attend some jewelry fairs and visit wholesale jewelry market which is the best way to find factories, such as Canton Fair and Guangzhou and Changan jewelry wholesale market. This blog can help you more. What You Have to Know When Sourcing Jewelry From China

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